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Celebration of Excellence

Celebration of Excellence

Lewis P. Gary


Lewis Patrick Gary is a man who always follows the inner voice which leads him. A country boy from Macon, GA who has refined his skills as a barber since age 11 to now a well-renowned international stylist, educator, and speaker. Lewis has made Birmingham, AL. the birthplace of R.I.C.H. - Retro International Center for Hair. His mantra is rich service and fair prices as he creates an environment for his clients to feel rich - wealthy, affluent, prosperous, opulent. Lewis has been able to uniquely combine his formal education as a pre medical student with his innate creative genius as a hairstylist to create a growing empire. 

A minister of the Gospel, Lewis has always been guided by an audible voice telling him, “Use the gifts that I gave you.” His raw talent combined with steady discipline allowed him to work his way up in the industry. From his 1st mentor and job at Richard King’s Magic in Motion (a multicultural salon) where he earned his barbering license, to a highly requested stylist at Mastercuts, to gaining a 2nd mentor in Joseph Cunningham of Southeastern School of Cosmetology where he became a licensed cosmetologist, and finally attending Michael O’Rork’s (founder of Sexy Hair products) Institute of Courage where he learned to be courageous in the use of his God given gifts. Using each experience as stepping stones, Lewis Gary garnered inspiration from his local church, a childhood nickname (“Retro”) and lessons he learned from the growth of the Regis hair corporation to establish his vision for R.I.C.H. 

Since 1995, Lewis has earned his stripes professionally and personally surviving divorces, financial disasters, and even a flood. These trials made him stronger, wiser, and gave him a badge of honor as more than a conqueror. Victories of traveling with Proctor and Gamble, becoming a colorist with Clairol and a master technician with FHI Brands, gave him the finesse as a wise master builder and a strategic competitor in his field.

He is now happily married to Nikki, father to 3 children, and commanding a team of exceptional artists.  

Known as Lewis, Patrick, or Mr. Gary, sitting in his stylist chair is truly a rich experience. His hands have been gifted to speak and honor the glory on each head he touches. His years of experience have provided him with words of wisdom for his clients that eventually become family. His salon is open to all walks of life as a safe haven, a church of expression. Lewis has learned that being rich is not about the money but the state of mind. If you can feel beautiful on the inside, the work he does on the outside will simply be a rich elevation.

Lydia Kerr