Haitian American Association of Alabama

Celebration of Excellence

Celebration of Excellence

Pauline Ford

Quote from Pauline Ford, Founder of Central Alabama Caribbean American Organization


“There are two things that have always been a part of my life, my Caribbean culture and bringing people together.  As the Founder and Past President of Central Alabama Caribbean American Organization (CACAO), it has been my greatest privilege to have been able to combine both, to establish a strong Caribbean presence in the City of Birmingham, Alabama.

A native of Jamaica, I am grateful for the unique perspective that has dictated my ease of interaction with different people. As the world changes and relationships evolve, the Caribbean, because of its history, blend of races, cultures and ethnic groups, is uniquely positioned to demonstrate to the world the true measure of diversity and cohesion and what is possible when people focus on a single vision.  It is my hope that we never lose sight of that defining fact, because our diversity truly is our strength. Out of many one!”

Lydia Kerr