Haitian American Association of Alabama

Celebration of Excellence

Celebration of Excellence

About Celebration of Excellence

One of the main objectives of the Haitian American Association of Alabama (HAAA) is to support the work of those who choose to make a difference. It could either be through their actions or simply by the way they live their lives. In our opinion, people who work tirelessly to help and support others are worth acknowledging.

We also believe that talents are God’s gifts. Those who perform their job or daily routine to the best of their ability deserve our respect and support. They should be honored.

Overall, here we intend to stimulate and motivate others, promote talents, and show appreciation.

HAAA does not discriminate against race, sexual and political orientation, religion, gender or age; therefore, the people featured on this page will not be scrutinized based on those criteria.

Lydia Kerr